Friday, July 27, 2012

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus Christ's birth. On this day, many people go to church and take part in religious services. Christmas season is when gifts are exchanged and all homes are decorated with mistletoe, holly, and Christmas trees.

The story of Christmas comes from the Gospels of St. Luke and St. Matthew in the New Testament. St. Luke tells us that an angel appeared to shepherds outside of Bethlehem and told them of the holy child's birth. St. Matthew says how three wise men were led to the newborn King by following a very bright star.

Two thousand years ago, on one magical night, a king was sent to mankind. He had come to this unstable world in order to give a powerful message of hope, to help us to achieve a higher state of consciousness. His throne was not of this world, but beyond it. Christ was, and is, the only king that desired to serve and not to be served. Christ is the only king to have ascended to a throne without wealth, power and prestige in the limited worldly sense just because what He was offering us was priceless. He is the only king without a tomb because he conquered death and proved to us that if we would accept Him for who He truly was our final destiny wouldn't lie in the earth, but rather the heavens.

Christ promised us that with the power of His love we could become something far greater than we could ever imagine. All that took place about two thousand years ago. But He lives now and forever in our hearts and soul, echoing the true meaning of the Christmas Season. It's not only a matter of celebrating His birth, but His life.

There is an increasing amount of people convinced that the solution to some of the problems we face trying to live together in harmony will come not by manners of politics or any political process, but through manifestations of our spiritual growth within society.

Christmas season, due to may different reasons such as cultural, religious, social, not to mention others, gives us the tendency to be more sensitive and caring with our needing ones. The spirit of Christmas seems to make us more aware of the others and of our responsibility as individuals within a greater community. But it's sad to know that it's just a small period of time and before we know it, we are all turned towards the priorities of our own lives until the next season. Where did we loose track of the real Christmas spirit?

May this Christmas season touch way deep inside our hearts and make us more loving and caring. Let the real spirit of the season arise in each and one of us, after all He is the reason for the Season.

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