Saturday, September 29, 2012

Justin Bieber - Santa Claus is Coming to Town

A good time is coming, I wish it were here, 
The very best time in the whole of the year 
I'm counting each day on my fingers and thumbs 
the weeks that must pass before Santa Claus comes. 
Then when the first snowflakes begin to come down, 
And the wind whistles sharp and the branches are brown, 
I'll not mind the cold, though my fingers it numbs, 
For it brings the time nearer when Santa Claus comes.

Justin Bieber - Santa Claus is Coming to Town -->printable sheet music

We may not have the money to have as colorful and decorative Christmas as upper class have do's, but we have each other. That’s what counts.

Christmas means merry-making. It’s the time for happiness, gift-giving and whole-night parties as if there is no more tomorrow. Sadly, most people fail to realize that what they are celebrating is not the season, but the reason for the season. That is the reason why only few go to church to thank the Lord for the many graces given. Even if they are in church physically, the mind tends to wander somewhere else.

Family reunions top all the good things that Christmas brings all of us, during which we celebrate the happiest season of the year and love flourishes everywhere.

Notwithstanding the hard times, the long holidays will afford the family longer hours of togetherness and bonding. Reunions will take center stage.

It’s celebrating Christmas back in the old house that holds our childhood memories and being reunited with our parents, relatives and old friends.

No matter the circumstances, in thunder, lightning or rain, we come home for Christmas ,to renew family ties or see old familiar faces. No elaborate preparations are necessary; a pot of burnt corn coffee and a loaf of bread or a roast turkey completes the merry occasion.

Christmas is a day of joy, not just for kids but grown-ups, too. We were taught that Dec. 25 is the day Jesus Christ was born, only to learn later on that it was just a compromise between King Constantine and the pagans for the latter to become Christians. It has been a tradition ever since the time of Padre Damaso to celebrate Dec. 25 as the birth date of the Lord Jesus, lest we feel sinful. Even if we are neck-deep in debt, we give candies or loose change to caroling kids who sing carols at our door. At home, to welcome the coming of the Messiah, even if we miss meals on some days because of economic hardship, our table will have , bread and some fruits, gingerbread cookies, and we will greet each other “Merry Christmas!”